Espresso & Coffee Makers

Espresso & Coffee Makers

Don't know which coffee maker reviews to trust? Looking for a new coffee maker because you want to make a better cup of coffee? 

Or did you, like me, just break your coffee machine? Perhaps you're buying your first ever espresso machine? You really need reviews by real people! 

Whatever your situation, you will need to get yourself upto date with the best coffee maker reviews, so that you can choose or upgrade to the latest coffee making trends, and get the most from your home coffee making experience.

Did you know that ...

  • that some brands of coffee makers are more reliable than others?'
  • that many coffee machines have been discontinued; it would be a waste of your time to read old coffee maker reviews?
  • ... that affordable coffee makers do exist, and they even outperform their more expensive peers?

Inside this website will find only the most current coffee maker and espresso machine reviews on the top machines.

You are invited to write your coffee maker review once you've tried yours out!

  • Is a pricey coffee maker or espresso machine worth the extra price? (That is what many of our readers ask us). Begin with your coffee, and find out about coffee bean grinders here.
  • What is the difference between espresso machines and coffee makers? 
  • What is the BEST of the single cup coffee makers?

If you are fortunate enough to include a warm espresso in your daily life, you will find the latest advice from coffee experts on topics such as how to pull the perfect espresso to finding the best deal on espresso machines.

Try the Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder in uber ...

$45.99 $26.78

HARIO V60 Drip Kettle Buono In Copper

only $100.00

HARIO V60 coffee king coffee maker 2-5 cups of black EVCM-5B

only $200.70

Capresso 565.04 Infinity Burr Grinder, Brushed Chrome

$190.00 $104.01

Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder

$65.00 $48.43

OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker

$199.99 $197.49

And there's more...

Everything you need to know about coffee makers and espresso machines … from the popular single cup coffee makers, just how good is Keurig anyway?Information on the super automatic espresso machines and automatic drip coffee makers, too … in one easy to use place, because we know how busy you are.

Some questions you may have about how to select the best coffee machine may include:

  • What are the different types of coffee makers, and how do they differ for each other?
  • What is the difference between coffee and espresso? Can I have both in one simple machine? Read about choosing a single cup coffee maker here
  • And of course you will want to grind your own fresh coffee beans, because the fresher the grounds the better the taste of your coffee. How to select a coffee bean grinder?

Discover who makes the best espresso machine, and the best thermal coffee maker.Learn how a simple coffee bean grinder will boost your coffee enjoyment. And find out about the best rated grind and brew type coffee machines here.

Tried and True vs. New Designs ... Which is Better?

It's a fact that design does matter. Taking into consideration your personal coffee enjoyment style, or the preferences of those whom you are shopping for, then take just a moment to explore the different types of equipment available.

In the end it's the value you receive for your money that wins the race. Does your coffee maker make a decent cup of coffee? Is it reasonably easy to use? Read more about:

  • Coffee Maker Reviews
  • Coffee Grinder Reviews
  • Espresso Maker Reviews
  • How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Tell me: How do I Make a Better Cup of Coffee?

You'll find all the most popular brands including Cuisinart, Keurig and many others to help you sort out the truth behind the features that vary from brand to brand, and maker to maker.

There are many different types of coffee machines available today, and knowing which type of coffee or espresso maker is the best for you can help to narrow your focus, and save you time as well as your money.

All the coffee making machines are rated by type, price and most popular makers, and you will find coffee grinder reviews, too. Because, after all is said and done, what you put into your coffee maker is just as important as using the correct machine for your lifestyle.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on coffee making equipment, or spend quite a bit less. Does more money buy you better results? Find just the information you are looking for at the top navigation links.