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Coffee News and Reviews, Issue #001 -- Don't Panic Edition!
November 24, 2011

Rush! Rush! Rush! Christmas is

And what haven't you done? The Christmas shopping! What? Thanksgiving isn't even done yet! Well, relax!

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We've got coffee gifts covered: under $30, from $30 to $60, and $60 or more. But first, in this issue, we'll:

  1. look at our new website Espresso & Coffee Makers,
  2. preview ideas for budgeting for Christmas,
  3. give you some generous 10% off coupons for use,
  4. give you the free download link, and
  5. welcome you to Facebook!

Go make a great cup of your favorite coffee, get out your pen & paper, (or your iPad) ... and take a few minutes to plan everything! The coffee will help you to concentrate on all the things you need to do now, so you can have a relaxing fulfilled holiday later! But first ...

Announcement: Espresso & Coffee Makers

Yes, PurelyCoffeeBeans has acquired its first coffee maker site, called Espresso & Coffee Makers from Chris & Betty Zeigler. When this site came on the market, I was thrilled to see it. I felt it would be a challenge to run, but the site is very complimentary to PurelyCoffeeBeans, so I invite you to head on over to

Why not see what our writers have been recommending - it's chock-full of great coffee maker reviews from people who've actually bought them, and shared their experiences with us. If you have a coffee maker that you've loved or hated, why not share your experience there! We'd love to hear from you.

Christmas is giving you a headache... already?

The facts are that 2011 isn't going to be a financially easy Christmas for many people, but that needn't stop you buying some meaningful presents for the ones you love (and yourself, too!).

I can remember one Christmas when all I received was a U2 album, but the surprising thing was that I still have that album; I still love U2; and I still remember that present these many years later. That was great, one of only a handful of presents that I actually remember!

So don't be dismayed if your budget is constrained this year, you may actually find some very suitable presents and stay within your budget! Best of all, with a little imagination, you may find that your gift giving is more appreciated than ever!

One present: Several budgets

So, if you are buying presents for coffee lovers, you'll be pleased to know that there is a large selection of coffee gifts available for them, and you'll find some presents to suit many different budgets, even coffee makers! I'll suggest two or three gifts in each category so that you can have some idea what to spend...

Affordable Coffee presents: under $30

For many dedicated coffee lovers, buying a new brand of coffee beans can be a great way to wish them a happy Christmas. If they drink Folgers coffee regularly, why not buy them something with a little more personality, a better quality coffee brand. Be careful to match the roasting levels, and their equipment so they can make a great cuppa!

A simple manual coffee grinder is a wonderful gift for those who are interested in grinding their own coffee, and it's fun if a little slow! Or a milk frother for making latte at home! Or even a bottle of flavored syrup to make your own premium coffee drinks at home! All of these are wonderful gifts. Just wrap them up nicely, write a warm card, and you're done!

Middle-sized Budget for Coffee presents: from $30 to $60

There are some great ideas for presents that are in this range. Shop prudently, get a decent warranty, and read the reviews carefully, before you part with your cash!

Coffee Baskets: if you're not sure what to buy, getting a coffee basket is a great way to cover many bases, and the gourmet coffee baskets can be quite well put together.

Coffee Equipment: this can be more of a challenge to find good quality coffee equipment, but you should be able to find nice mugs, simpler coffee makers, and other quality coffee equipment even in this price range. Focus on good quality and good brands, rather than unknowns.

Premium Coffee: You'll find some great gourmet coffee gifts available such as a decent Sumatran Coffee, one of the Islands Coffee (Blue Mountain or Hawaiian) or even one of the nice European style coffees from illy or Lavazza! Just don't buy too big a bag or can... it does go stale rather quickly!

Larger Budget Presents: from $60

With a larger budget for coffee presents, the sky's the limit! But still I'd encourage you to do some planning: how much do you want to spend, what would your recipient be interested to use, is the product in stock in time for giving?

Buy a coffee maker or espresso maker!

Complicated but welcome: buy a coffee maker could be a frustrating experience even for the recipient... especially if neither of you know how to use it. So try to buy something that you are familiar with! There are lots of different types of coffee makers to choose from, not to mention espresso makers!

If you choose, pay attention to the feedback previous purchasers have, make sure it's in stock, too! Before you wrap the present, make sure that all the equipment is included in the box: filters, spoons, plugs, tampers, etc. so that the lucky recipient can make coffee quickly. There's nothing more exciting to get your present up and running quickly!

Buy a gourmet coffee subscription

Coffee makers can be expensive, so why not buy a membership for a gourmet coffee club for your loved one! This is the coffee bean gift that keeps on brewing, all year long (or however long you subscribe). I've included a link to one Gourmet Coffee Club for you to check out: 10% Off All Orders at - Use Code ZK-8976.

If you know what kind of coffee is liked then buy a coffee gourmet subscription that matches that. If not, why not buy a coffee subscription that rotates coffee flavors (avoid some of the harsher 'synthetic' flavors) or coffee blends during the subscription!

Coupon Deals

I found a couple of good deals for readers below to save you money - every little helps! Just make sure you use the coupon code when you complete the order!

ShopDelonghi is offering Free Ground Shipping if your order totals over $100*, on orders through to the last day of November 2011, on coffee makers, espresso makers, and more. But you have to enter the coupon code DELSHIP100 on your order. *Check the fine print to make sure your order qualifies.

And Roaste is offering a coupon that you can Save 10% on all Organic Coffees. Just enter the coupon code "Organic10" on checkout. The offer ends 12/31/2011. And check the fine print of the offer at the site, too!

Facebook: We're here and there

Don't forget to find (and like!) us on Facebook! You'll be asked to login first before you can see the page, so just go to our Facebook page to find out what other people have been saying/doing about Coffee Beans.

So that's it for the first ever issue of the E&CM Newsletter, I wish you all a thoroughly festive season! And you'll be hearing from me in 2012, the Year of the Dragon!

I really hope this email has been worth reading and that you have found something useful in it!

Best Wishes for the Festive Coffee Season!


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