Upscale and gorgeous! Who can resist the Astoria Espresso machine. These quality espresso machines were built to last, and beg for use.

Built tough enough for commercial use but designed with the home user in mind, the Astoria Compact model home espresso machine is a beautiful appliance.

This Astoria Espresso Machine Is Specifically Designed For Home Use

Manufactured by Astoria Espresso, Astoria Italian espresso machines are most defiantly classy, with an authentic Italian flare found only in true Italian espresso machines.

This small powerful espresso machine, which is priced above the typical home espresso machine, is actually a commercial espresso machine built for home or small office use.

You will find that this Italian Astoria coffee machine will be the envy of your friends.

Grace Your Counter With Italian Style

There is no denying the sleek, modern appearance of this Astoria espresso machine. It is heavy, yet squat and makes an impressive site perched on the counter top of any kitchen or beverage center.

Beyond the gorgeous look that is reminiscent of today’s hottest Italian espresso machines, the Compact model is so powerful and provides a cup of exceptional espresso at just the right temperature with no waiting.

Impatient for that morning ritual? Longing to settle down after a hard day? The Astoria machine is just like the commercial espresso machine that your local barista uses, and will deliver consistently, quickly and easily as promised. .

Astoria Espresso Machine Details

Because of the uniqueness of the Astoria Italian espresso machines, you won’t find many Astoria espresso machine reviews. But those we asked to review their own machine told us that there is a small learning curve with this line of machines, but well worth the investment.

Designed with true Italian espresso machines in mind and expressing a very avant-garde appeal with versatile features, the Compact model from Astoria will meet your every espresso desire.

Astoria is synonymous with commercial grade of espresso machines, although the Astoria Compact espresso machine is very versatile enough for everyday home use, or even small offices.

Because it’s smaller size, as compared to the 100% commercial machines, you will find that it will not take up your entire counter. Astoria includes the same internal workings that they use in their professional machines, just a bit smaller, more compact.

Using an espresso machine of this caliper will guarantee the quality of your espresso cup.

The Astoria machines are set up to be hard-plumbed into a water source. The Astoria Compact can be ordered with a vibration pump which will allow you to manually fill the espresso machine.

Users are surprised and amazed by the consistent quality and count this as the best Astoria espresso machine, delivering excellent espresso fast and from the comfort of your own kitchen.

We prefer the semi-automatic espresso machines over the fully automatic espresso machines, simply due to the fact you have just a bit more control over the finished espresso drink. But then again, not everyone wants to fuss over measuring and tamping. With a quality espresso machine such as the Astoria, the price difference between the 2 Compact espresso makers (either semi automatic or fully automatic) should not sway your decision.

If you are thinking of keeping it a bit simpler, you may be interested in the Saeco Espresso machine. Still quite elegant, boasting a smaller price tag, read more about the Saeco coffee maker here.

We have found that Amazon delivers the best value for this particular Astoria espresso machine, and you can find your best deal

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