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How does the Bunn coffee maker compare to other coffee brewers?

Reviewing the Bunn coffee maker brought to light several key truths about how we brew our coffee today. We asked coffee lovers like you what they like (or dislike) about the Bunn home coffee makers.

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Why do people choose the Bunn brand over other coffee makers?

The bottom line is that most people are more than satisfied after choosing to use any of the Bunn home coffee makers (well, there are only 2 to choose from). They last longer than your average home coffee maker, and they brew that perfect cup of coffee.

Bunn Thermal Coffee Maker

Although these coffee machines are not fancy, they do not have all the bells and whistles that other major brands of home coffee brewers include on their coffee makers, Bunn embraces the industry standard of time, temperature and turbulence.

What this means for you is that your coffee will be the very best it can be at home, provided you use freshly ground coffee and good quality water for each brew.

Add to this that you can enjoy fresh tasting coffee without any bitterness by choosing the Bunn thermal coffee maker, the choice is simple.

Optimal Brewing Temperature For Perfect Tasting Coffee

The optimum extraction process to achieved ideal tasting coffee through the drip method of coffee brewing is when the water used to brew your coffee is precisely 200 as it embraces the grounds.

Unlike other drip coffee machines, the Bunn brand of coffee makers heats your water to exactly 200 degrees. This insures that you will experience proper extraction of the flavor from your ground coffee.

Proper Brew Time Is Important

Next, on the agenda is time. Too little exposure of grounds to water or too long of an exposure time will result in either weak or bitter tasting coffee. Bunn knows this and insures that each Bunn coffee maker gets it right. Would you expect less?

The gold coffee standard, both American and European) dictates that a 3-4 minutes saturation of the grounds per 10 - 12 cups is just the right amount of time for the ground coffee to be exposed to the hot water before it is dripped into the serving carafe. The entire process should not take more than 10 minutes start to finish, providing you start with the water full heated as in the Bunn system.

Turbulence is the excitement of the grounds turning into your perfect cup of coffee

Ask anyone who owns a Bunn home coffee maker and you will find they are excited to share with you how much better their home brewed coffee is with a Bunn brewer.

Actually, this very information has been available since the invention of drip coffee makers, but Bunn has brought to life the essence of the coffee standards.

How to choose a Bunn Home Coffee Maker

Simplicity is what brings us back to Bunn time and time again.  They recognize the fact we just want good tasting coffee, and we don’t need gadgets to complicate our lifestyles. You have 2 basic choices with your Bunn coffee maker:

The Velocity model holds the heated water in a tank before you even push the brew button. Their Phase Brew model heats the water for each individual brew, and it has an automatic programmable start, too.

The Phase Brew model takes longer to brew each potful of coffee, about 10 minutes total whereas the Velocity model always has the water heated at the ready. This means that your coffee maker needs to be plugged in all the time, as it is designed to be used daily.

Each of the 2 models are available with both regular glass carafes or with thermal carafes. So, really, all you need to ask yourself is:

If you take notice, most commercial restaurants depend on Bunn coffee makers, because Bunns are dependable to deliver the freshest tasting coffee.

Why would you settle for anything less in your own home? 

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