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Are you struggling to buy a coffee maker. Are there too many choices about which coffee maker to buy? Let the coffee guide help you get started. I may not be able to help you choose EXACTLY the right machine for you, but at least I can point you to the RIGHT kind of coffee makers...

Just click on the answer. Some answers will be on new pages, so just click the 'help' tag at the top to come back here. Of course, you can contact me with your questions, especially if you can't find an answer here!

Just answer a few questions!

So let's start at the very beginning... with the coffee! After all, that's what you are going to be drinking. It makes sense to find out these answers before you buy a coffee maker!

Q1: Do you want to grind your own coffee?

the best coffee grinder - the burr coffee
                      grinder... now let's grind!

How do you currently buy your coffee? If you buy pre-ground in bricks, bags or cans, do you want to make a change? Are you interested at all in learning how to grind your own coffee beans (it's really not that fussy, especially if you buy a decent coffee grinder).

a. "Yes, I would love to grind my coffee, but I don't know where to start!  What type of coffee bean grinders would I need? Are they expensive?"

Why not also jump to my article about grinding your own coffee @ for more information about grinding coffee, and the best types of coffee grinder.

b. "No.  I'm just too busy in the mornings with the family, I prefer good coffee that's convenient for everyone to use, and not messy."

If you don't grind, that's fine. There are many preground brands available suitable for many different coffee makers and espresso makers. You will even find many simple one cup coffee makers where coffee comes in disposable cartridges or 'cups'. Each one makes exactly one cup of coffee, the machines are easy to clean. And you can get different flavors of coffees, teas and other drinks, too. Consider one cup coffee makers.

Q2. Do you want to make espresso or milk-type coffee drinks?

There are many types of Italian style coffee drinks made with espresso makers and frothed milk that include many currently popular coffee shop drinks: Latte, Cappuccino, Flat Whites, Espresso, etc. While some types of coffee makers can make these drinks, you'll get the best results from dedicated espresso makers. So, do you...want to buy a coffee maker or an espresso maker?

a. "Yes, I love these Italian style coffees, and would love to be able to make them in my own kitchen  for my family and friends." 

the best coffee grinder - the burr
                      coffeegrinder... now let's grind!

You can read about different espresso makers. There are several different types of espresso makers, including some pretenders to the title, some with dual type machines, some with milk frothers, etc.

These are ideal for making great espresso, whether you grind the espresso beans yourself or you use commercial pre-ground espresso from the likes of illy or Lavazza.

b. "No, we enjoy the flavors of different coffee beans and roasts in our morning cuppa." 

Smart choice, too. Though espresso makers can accommodate a variety of coffee beans, other types of coffee makers are much more flexible, such as drip coffee makers, jugs, French presses, coffee makers w. grinders, etc. and can make coffee with different types of beans, roasts, and grinds.  Go to the coffee makers reviews' pages to read the different reviews before you buy a coffee maker.

Q3. Do you have any questions I didn't answer?

What question would YOU like me to help YOU with? Drop me a comment, a question or some feedback. I am always glad to hear from you, and you WILL always get an answer, except if you don't give me your email address! :P

The Best Q&As will be placed here to help other readers like yourselves!

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