Nespresso CitiZ | The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

One of the most talked about Nespresso machines, the Nespresso citiz, is the best single cup coffee maker I have had the pleasure to test.

Nespresso CitiZ – The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

This single cup coffee brewer is very impressive, and the espresso that was brewed with this single cup coffee machine tasted fresh, with a wonderful crema on top.

Besides looking great in any décor (you can order yours in 3 colors plus special edition graphics) the reason I placed this single cup coffee brewer above all others is:… Read More

K Cups For Your Single Cup Coffee Maker

The most popular single cup coffee makers use K cups to brew coffee or many other beverages one cup at a time.

Other names you may hear them referred to are k-cups, k cup coffee or by the original name Keurig K Cups.

Some of the best coffee producers, such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have teamed up with Keurig to bring you some of the most flavorful single cup coffee cups ever. As well as Gloria Jean’s Coffee and Timothy’s.

Because these coffee cups can be used in a wide variety of different single cup coffee makers, they have … Read More

Keurig B70 Platinum Edition


Find out here why people are talking about the Keurig B70 Platinum Edition. Could this be the best single cup coffee maker?

What’s new with this Keurig single cup coffee machine?

You immediately that this Keurig coffee maker is a bit smaller, so it will fit better on your countertop, and take up less space.

Also, reviewers tell us that this Keurig B70 is somewhat quieter than other Keurigs they have used.… Read More