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Coffee Bean Grinder Reviews:
Let's Compare!

Here are easy steps to compare coffee bean grinder reviews so you know what to look for when selecting the best blade coffee grinder or even a conical burr coffee grinder and how each type of coffee grinder can be used.

What is the real difference between a blade coffee grinder and a coffee burr grinder?

Simply put, a blade coffee bean grinder uses a sharp two sided blade that spins rapidly inside the grinder to chop up the whole coffee beans into usable grounds for brewing coffee.

A burr grinder uses a gear-like-looking wheel that crushes the whole bean coffee into even particles to use in brewing coffee.

Why choose a blade coffee grinder?

Some people find that having a blade type coffee grinder doubles as a spice grinder as well. Although the heat produced through this method of grinding your coffee beans sometimes imparts a burnt taste in your finished coffee, it's far better to grind your own coffee at home than to purchase pre-ground coffee in cans.

Why choose a burr coffee grinder?

Research shows that some heat is transferred to the coffee beans when the whole coffee beans are ground using a blade coffee grinder, something like pre-toasting your grounds before you brew your coffee.

Using a burr grinder will eliminate the heat transference significantly over using a blade grinder.

Many people notice a slight "burnt" taste in the coffee that had been ground with a blade type of coffee bean grinders, compared to tasting coffee ground with a burr coffee grinder.

Cuisinart Burr Grinders Rate Well With Our Reviewers

Your coffee will taste smoother when you choose to use a burr coffee grinder because the coffee particles are more even in nature. When all the grounds you use to brew your coffee are of the same size, you will be able to extract more flavor from your purchased coffee beans.

You will save money because your grounds will be more even. It's very typical that you will use less coffee by grinding your whole bean coffee with a burr grinder.

The large particles left by a blade coffee grinder do not have the same surface that evenly ground coffee has, so you would need to use more coffee to get the same strength and flavor from your efforts.

You will also find that you have way more control with burr grinders. The better burr coffee grinders allow you to "dial up" the size of the grounds (extra fine to extra coarse) as well as the correct amount of grounds for the number of cups of coffee you plan to brew.

Read Burr Conical Coffee Grinder Review with this link

What is the difference between a burr grinder and a conical burr grinder?

Conical burr grinders are often a bit quieter than regular burr grinders. That is because they tend to grind at a slower revolution.

A slower grind helps to insure a more even ground coffee for those who prefer to have ultimate control over their coffee making. And, you really will notice a taste difference, but it might not be all that important to you.

Why would you choose a conical burr coffee grinder?

Conical burr grinders grind your whole bean coffee a bit slower than the standard wheel type burr grinders. Because the motor grinds slower, there is less noise, and less heat transference.

You will find that the conical burr coffee bean grinders typically have more settings affording you more grind options such as settings for Turkish coffee and extra fine for making espresso.

You can more about the best rated conical burr coffee grinder here.

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