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Blade grinder (spinning type)
Burr grinder (flat disc type)
Conical burr grinder (uses a cone shaped burr against a flat burr wheel)
Manual type grinder
Turkish grinder
What is the brand of the coffee grinder that you use?*
Have you ever used a different type of coffee bean grinder before selecting the one you use now?*
What kind and brand of coffee bean grinder was it? (If none, type none)*
Why did you choose the coffee bean grinder that you currently use? *
How often do you use your coffee bean grinder?*
1-3 times a month
once a week
several times daily
What are the best features about your coffee bean grinder?*
Would you recommend this grinder to others?*
In at least 4 sentences, tell us why?*
Any other comments that you would like to share about using a coffee bean grinder or advice to others about choosing one for themselves? *

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