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All About the DeLonghi Coffee Maker DCF212T

Well priced and grat coffee make the DeLonghi Coffee Maker DCF212T a natural choice for anyone looking for a 12 cup automatic drip coffee maker.

Coffee makers review of 12 cup automatic drip coffee maker by DeLonghi

For those who prefer a full-bodied cup of coffee, this DeLonghi coffee machine features an "Aroma button". 

This advanced feature sets the coffee maker to time-release the water over the grounds which ensures that all the ground coffee is completely saturated before the actual brewing of your pot of coffee.

You will find that when you use the Aroma button, the coffee takes longer to drip. But, because DeLonghi includes a pause and pour feature, you can sneak a cup before the entire pot is finished brewing.

Better coffee machines, like this DeLonghi coffee maker DCF212T, will have programmable digital clocks so that you are able to set your coffee machine to brew at a pre-determined time.

Many people find it wonderful to set up their coffee maker before retiring at night, and set the programmable clock to begin to drip the coffee just before their wake up alarm goes off. Talk about waking up and smelling the coffee (literally!).

One nifty little feature is that this particular DeLonghi coffee machine has a little cup-warming tray right on the top (it uses the steam from the coffee maker to warm your cup).

The best features of this DeLonghi coffee maker

What most reviewers liked best about their DeLonghi coffee machine, the DeLonghi coffee maker DCF212T, was the unique front load system. Everything is accessible right from the front of this coffee maker, from pouring your water into the large water reservoir to adding the coffee grounds to the convenient water level indicator …

And many reviewers commented on the dripless carafe. (Have you ever poured a cup of coffee only to find it all over the counter?)

The drawbacks of this coffee maker

What coffee makers review conveyed as the downside of this coffee maker was the temperature of the finished coffee. But then again, if you read the reviews of most any drip coffee maker someone is complaining about the temperature of the coffee produced. Standard temperature for optimal brewing is anywhere from 180° to 205°, so perhaps DeLonghi is on the low side of the scale.

Taste the coffee

DeLonghi uses a flat bottomed coffee filter, not a cone shaped filter. This flat shape allows better saturation of all the grounds because the DeLonghi Coffee Maker DCF212T coffee brewing system “sprinkles” the water over the grounds, as opposed to pouring the water over the grounds in one steady stream.

You will get a better tasting coffee from this type of coffee brewing, however it may take a bit more ground coffee, depending upon how strong you prefer your coffee. I think the trade off is worth it.

This 12 cup automatic drip coffee maker comes with a gold tone permanent filter so you never have to purchase paper filters again. It’s easy to rinse and re-use over and over.

You can feel secure knowing that your coffee machine by DeLonghi has an auto shutoff feature that will turn your coffee machine off automatically after 2 hours.

A no-worries 1-year warranty is included from the manufacturer, DeLonghi.


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