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Many people are becoming addicted to the DeLonghi dcm900 10 cup coffee maker ...

Should we blame it on the stylish good looks or the perfect cup of coffee?

What's special about the DeLonghi dcm900?

DeLonghi dcm 900 10 cup coffee maker

Delonghi dcm 900 10 cup coffee maker

Let's face it, we use our coffee makers more than any other kitchen appliance.

It's important to have a coffee maker that not only performs well, but looks great on our counters, don't you agree?

The DeLonghi is the perfect marriage of the best home coffee maker features: great tasting coffee, the best looking coffee maker ... add in the easiest coffee machine to use!

Cut your coffee bill down by as much as 20%

Because the DeLonghi dcm900 system uses a "shower head" design to fully saturate your coffee grounds, you will most likely find that you are using far less coffee than before.

And the dual heating system will keep your coffee just at the right temperature for up to 2 hours, you won't be throwing out half a pot of coffee like you probably do now. Just one more reason that this will be the best home coffee maker you will own.

3 top reasons to own a DeLonghi 10 cup automatic coffee maker

Easiest of all the coffee makers to use

Besides not having to figure out programs, and timing and such .. the simple toggle switch on your DeLonghi dcm900 (which turns on your coffee maker) is illuminated. That means you can easily find the turn on even without turning on all your kitchen lights.

It's all in the taste

It's difficult to spend money on a new coffee maker only to be disappointed in your choice.

DeLonghi has perfected the drip coffee system by patenting the dual heating system. It's one of the key benefits of this best home coffee maker.

From the moment you switch it on, the stainless steel boiler heats the water to the optimal temperate and begins to brew your coffee in just 6 minutes for a full pot.

The second portion of the dual heating system is the controlled temperature of the heating plate that allows your finished coffee to remain at the best temperature for up to 2 hours, without becoming "mud".

Speaking of taste ... your friends will all comment on your taste in appliances when they see this good looking coffee brewer on your counter. It's definitely a conversation starter.

Who could resist? You will want to make a pot of coffee just to show it off!

You won't need a reason to invite your friends over, but when they visit you will be proud to show off your new coffee machine.

Since it's the fastest brewing drip coffee maker, you won't have to wait long to enjoy that first cup.

The new DeLonghi Exclusive 10 cup coffee maker

In the beginning, the DeLonghi dcm900 coffee maker suffered a few poor reviews. Some indicated that their DeLonghi coffee maker didn't last very long.

Since then, DeLonghi has made great strides and implemented new improvements to their coffee making system.

Like the credible company they are, DeLonghi listened to their customers and provided an exclusive 10 cup coffee maker that out performs all of the competitors for this style of drip coffee makers.

You could spend less on a coffee brewer

At the risk of quoting a cliche, "it's so very true that you get what you pay for. "

You are probably here because the last coffee maker you purchased didn't meet your expectations, or was too hard to use, is that right?

If you are looking for the best tasting coffee in the easiest of all to use coffee machines that you will love to use,

The low priced 10-Cup Drip DeLonghi coffee maker is a good value that consumer reviews have applauded. The Exclusive dual heaters and the simplicity of use of this specific DeLonghi coffee maker is great for anyone who wants the best home coffee maker for a low price.

For a coffee machine that provides a high quality and consistently good tasting coffee with easy to use (one!) controls, the DeLonghi dcm900 is a perfect choice.

Find the best prices on your new DeLonghi dcm900 Coffee Maker here.

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