Do Delonghi Espresso Machines Offer More?

3 must know facts about Delonghi espresso machines before you choose either a steam espresso machine or any home espresso machine.

  • Some report excessive leaking with their DeLonghi home espresso machine.
  • Many users complain that particular DeLonghi models are excessively noisy.
  • DeLonghi espresso machines are well priced. You get what you pay for.

Let’s face it, we all like to make coffee drinks at home, and a good home espresso machine is the beginning of enjoyable coffee drinks.

But, it’s important to note that with espresso machines, you do get what you pay for. Fortunately DeLonghi offers many choices to fit most every budget.

Steam espresso machines vs. Pump espresso machines

Delonghi offers 3 types of home espresso machines, steam espresso machines, pump driven espresso machines and combination coffee maker style espresso machines.

Many reviewers feel that a steam pump machine does not have the bar pressure that the pump espresso machines offer, and therefore the espresso is more like strong coffee than actual espresso drinks.

If you are just starting out and want one of the entry level Delonghi espresso machines, the steam machines are good for testing the waters and seeing if home espresso making is for you.

You can always upgrade later if you find that you are really enjoying the home espresso experience.

The least pricey of the 3 espresso machines and combo coffee maker is the steam espresso machine.

Unless you are a real coffee snob, you most likely will not notice the taste difference between a steam driven machine and a pump driven machine.

A good, affordable steam espresso machine from DeLonghi is under $36

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Coming in at nearly twice the price is the DeLonghi pump driven espresso makers.

For just under $36 you can have an espresso machine that has a steam wand for all your latte and steamed milk desires.

The DeLonghi line of pump driven espresso machines are generally priced from $99 – $2999. The least expensive DeLonghi has 15 bars of pressure for extracting the espresso from the ground and tamped coffee beans.

The high end DeLonghi pump espresso maker has all the bells and whistles of a superb home espresso machine. This super espresso maker does it all for you, automatically.

What should you look for when choosing a home espresso machine?

The best home espresso machine for you will be one that makes the type of coffee drinks you enjoy the most.

If you entertain quite a lot, you may want a more elaborate espresso coffee maker so that you can easily make those Americanos and lattes … and everything in between.

For most of us, a reliable espresso maker that has good bar strength is just what we are looking for. The amount of bar pressure is relevant to how much good flavor your home machine will deliver for every pulled shot of espresso.

Consider a combination coffee maker and pump espresso machine for the best of all home coffee making.

Most of us have limited counter space or prefer to have an “uncluttered” kitchen counter. The combination coffee maker is just the machine you are looking for.

For as little as $99 you can ditch your drip coffee maker and have a combination coffee maker and espresso machine all in one. They look really sleek on the counter, too.

The best home espresso machine from DeLonghi is one that has the highest bar pressure and fits your budget, too.

Another consideration is how much space one DeLonghi espresso maker takes up (it’s footprint) over the other DeLonghi espresso machines.

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