Impressive … Elektra Espresso Machine

Distinct and charming, an Elektra espresso machine makes an extraordinary cup of coffee. It also presents a striking display on your kitchen counter, sure to draw the eye and awe of guests and your family.

Not the least expensive home espresso machine you will find, Elektra offers more than your run-of-the-mill machine.

What sets the Elektra espresso machines apart? Do they offer features that you just can’t live without?

Elektra Home Espresso Machines

Elektra has a wide range of the best espresso machines available, including the Elektra A1C Verticale.

This multi-cup unit is semiautomatic and has amazing features such as a stunning chrome finish and brass boiler for making exceptionally frothy steamed milk.

It also carries a hefty price tag that is much higher than other manufacturers and even well above a collection of Elektra models that will deliver similar benefits.

Certainly, if you want to create a true coffee bar experience in your home, the Elektra A1C Verticale model will indulge your every coffee making desire.

Other equally impressive espresso machines from Elektra for home coffee drinks

Styled for double takes, polished to perfection, the Elektra series of home espresso machines will steal your heart.

Best Selling Elektra ART-S1C Micro Casa

Almost half the price of the A1C Verticale model, the ART-S1C Micro Casa home espresso machine is exceptional in every way.

Start with the appearance, which is every bit as beautiful as any espresso machine you’ve seen – from European cafes to metropolis coffee bars.

Displaying a striking chrome finish with warm wood handles on the pump, this Elektra espresso machine boasts the trademark eagle on the peak with wings open wide. Gorgeous yet tasteful, this is more of an addition to your kitchen décor than a home appliance.

But you’re not buying this home espresso machine merely for its pretty face. It also makes excellent espresso using tried and true methods and machinery.

The ideal temperature for the tastiest espresso is achieved with an internal pressure regulator and a built in thermostat. You will never run your espresso machine dry again and you can always count on a beverage that is perfectly made.

An important note is that the pump pressure is consistent for every pull thanks to the piston boasting an internal spring, allowing you to make cup after cup that delivers the same impressive taste. Foam is exquisite for each cup of cappuccino or latte using the brass boiler and the entire machine is made with durable materials meant for years of daily use.

For the Discerning Espresso Lover

Not for the mere hobbyist, we feel that any of the Elektra espresso machines are an investment in your love of coffee and a sure fire way to have consistent delicious results every day.

The quiet operation of the ART-S1C model and the stunning appearance of this entire line of machines make these some of the very best espresso machines. Discerning coffee drinkers know that professional design and ideal materials combine to make an exceptional cup of their favorite beverage.

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