K Cups For Your Single Cup Coffee Maker

The most popular single cup coffee makers use K cups to brew coffee or many other beverages one cup at a time.

Other names you may hear them referred to are k-cups, k cup coffee or by the original name Keurig K Cups.

Some of the best coffee producers, such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have teamed up with Keurig to bring you some of the most flavorful single cup coffee cups ever. As well as Gloria Jean’s Coffee and Timothy’s.

Because these coffee cups can be used in a wide variety of different single cup coffee makers, they have become the standard for most single cup brewers.

Coffee People Kona Blend Island Style, Extra Bold K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)

The Keurig kcups are really handy, convenientand come in a wide variety of flavors and strengths, but it’s a real bonus to be able to grind and brew any specialties coffees that I might want to try, too.

Coffee People offer some of the best tasting of the K Cup coffee, no wonder they are so popular!

Endless Flavor Choices for your single cup brewer

From German Chocolate Cake flavored coffee to rich Kona Blends, it’s best to order a variety pack so that you have to opportunity to try them all. De cafs and hot chocolates (several to choose from!) as well as teas are all available for you.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers special blends and coffee flavors not found anywhere else. All our guests really like the rich flavors from Green Mountain Coffee that we have brewed in our single cup coffee maker.

Did you know that Keurig makes a refillable choice, too?

Keurig refillable coffee pod, My K-cup

You can save money and brew just exactly the coffee you prefer when you invest in a reusable single cup coffee filter.

  • Use over and over
  • Easy to store
  • Great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and espresso

I like the flexibility that a refillable kcup offers. As long as you stock coffee, the My K Cup is ready to brew your grounds at a moment’s notice.

We have found that many shops regularly carry the k-cup coffee packs. And if you have a coupon, Bed Bath & Beyond offers a good discount in their local stores.

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