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Keurig b30 Mini Brewer

The smallest of the Keurig coffee maker line is the Keurig b30. You will find that the Keurig mini brewer is the perfect size for most anyone who wants the big taste that single cup coffee brewers offer in a compact size.

The Keurig mini brewer b30, is the most basic of the Keurig single serve coffee maker line. But even though it’s basic in features, it will brew up a nice cup of coffee or espresso, hot chocolate or even tea in record time. One cup at a time, hence the name single serve coffee maker. A handful of reasons for this popularity are:

The Keurig b30 packs a whole lot into this coffee brewer. And because of it’s compact size you will find it easy to take with you just about anywhere.

Gourmet coffees, teas and chocolates can be enjoyed with this Keurig single cup coffee maker by simply adding your desired k-cup, pouring in the desired amount of water (6 oz, 8 oz and even 10 oz) and pressing the brew button.

There is virtually no clean up, just remove the spent kcup and dispose of it.

The difference between this Keurig model and others that cost a bit more are negligible. This Keurig b30 mini brewer does not have the programmability that more expensive models have, nor can you add more than enough water at one time for multiple brews.

Personally, I feel this is fine. It’s real simple to add more water to brew the next cup, you will need to add another kcup pod anyway … just like the larger single serve coffee brewer models. Why pay for bells and whistles that you won't use?

The reviews are great, nearly 5 stars at espresso-and-coffee-makers, epinions and several other sites equally overall. The only drawbacks I can see are the limited cup size that will fit under the brew spout. If you use travel mugs, you will need to brew your espresso or coffee in a standard mug first, then pour it into your travel mug.

Save up to $65 with the Keurig mini personal

If you don’t care to brew directly into a travel mug, and only make one cup at a time, you can save as much as $65 over other Keurig single cup coffee makers.

The bottom line is that the Keurig single serve coffee maker model b30 is a great entry level coffee brewer. And if you need choices, you can order one in black, platinum or a delicious red.

Keurig b30 mini personal brewer in a trio of colors.

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