Exploring Krups Espresso Machines

The new home espresso machine frenzy! Many people find that Krups espresso machines are affordable, and look great on the counter. The best espresso machine for you could very well be a combination of both a traditional drip coffee maker and a home espresso machine.

Sleek and sensational, Krups is well known for manufacturing some of the hottest espresso machines on the market.

Why spend your hard earned cash at the coffee shop when you can have a home espresso machine perched on your counter every day, just waiting to brew you a cup?  But where does one start with these fancy, shiny home appliances? 

What are the different Krups espresso machines?

Krups makes a home espresso machine for every coffee lover. They come in a wide variety of models that are tailor made for coffee connoisseurs.

krups espresso machines include very simple home espresso machine.

Krups makes simple home espresso makers that are fun to use

You only need to know which type of coffee drinker you are … and then find a model that suits your lifestyle, your needs … and your budget.

Do you want a coffee & espresso combination machine?

Krups provides us with a range of options, and several combination machines that not only make steam driven espressos and lattes, but can brew up a full pot of coffee at the same time. Sometimes you just need a change.

Or maybe you savor that cup of espresso in the morning and settle down to a mug of coffee after dinner. Whatever the reason, many coffee lovers opt for one of the three machines available in this combination line available from Krups.

Many people find that this is the best espresso machine for the money, because it can “do it all”.

Steam espresso machines from Krups

The Krups XP2070 model includes a fully functioning home espresso machine, complete with settings for your desired strength and size of espresso, as well as hot water and steam options. Because it is pump driven, this Krups home espresso machine can handle both ground espresso and pods.

And because this is a combination coffee and espresso machine, you also have an upscale 10-cup coffee maker, ideal for serving to company and those who just don’t appreciate an espresso like you do. It is programmable and comes with a handy aroma selection tool for brewing smaller pots.

You will find that that this model is solid, and offers the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for something with less bells and whistles the XP2010 model should fit the bill.

Fully Automatic Krups Espresso Machines

For those who are always on the go and those who simply have less patience, the fully automatic models by Krups are ultra fast and simple to use.

The Espresseria XP9000 model comes with preset options for delicious caffè lattes, cappuccinos and gourmet hot chocolate. Use either ground coffee or simply throw in your favorite coffee beans and take advantage of the built in grinder.

Krups super automatic home espresso machine is a complete coffee center for your home coffee enjoyment

Super Automatic Espresso Machines like this one from Krups "Do It All"

This espresso machine will do everything for you, resulting in a personalized cup of espresso fast. We consider this Krups machine to be a "complete coffee center for your home coffee enjoyment".

The Espresseria XP7240 model has similar impressive and convenient features in a slim, compact design.

Ideal for smaller kitchens, offices and just to keep the counter clear, this Krups machine has all the power and takes up less space.

What sets this Krups home espresso machine apart is the high pressure pump, Thermobloc® technology and convenient built in steamer system.

Why wait when this home espresso machine will deliver a high quality beverage every time?

Pump Espresso Machines

For those who are monogamous about their choice of drink and want only the best espresso machine, the Krups XP5080 model is at the top of the pile. It has all of the features you’ve come to expect with a Krups espresso machine – like Thermobloc® technology for clean, fresh tasting water and a built in perfect frothing system for cappuccinos and lattes.

This affordable home espresso machine is able to handle both ground espresso and pods, just like the simpler model above, the difference is that this Krups espresso machine includes an auto-ejector system for both.

It’s clean, efficient and brews an excellent tasting drink that will satisfy your coffee cravings with each brew.

Whether you need a combination of hot chocolate, coffee and tea beverages, an ultra speedy espresso or want a traditional pump machine, there is a Krups espresso machine just for you. Start with your love of coffee and then find the machine that fulfills it for you.


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