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Exploring Manual Coffee Makers

Many people enjoy the simple process of using manual coffee makers to brew up their favorite type of coffee.

Why do people choose to use manual drip coffee makers?

People who like to have more control over the finished strength or temperature of their coffee typically prefer these types of coffee makers.

And there is an overall satisfaction to the process of making a pot of coffee using one of the manual methods.

I firmly believe that coffee is an art, and many of us enjoy the nuances that various coffee brewing method afford, manual coffee makers being the utmost in flexibility in both flavor and enjoyment.

On the other hand, manual brewers are popular for backpackers and campers of all kinds because the only energy required is that to heat the water to begin the coffee brewing process.

Some different types of manual coffee brewers:

Manually brewing a pot of coffee puts you in complete control of both the temperature of your coffee and the strength of your coffee.

The benefits of a manual coffee maker are:

It’s interesting to see how manual coffee makers are growing in popularity. One of the best reasons to own a manual coffee maker is that unlike the single serve coffee machines that use pods, you are not restricted to any particular type of flavor of coffee.

There are 3 distinct types of manual type coffee makers, and each one has it’s own merits. Read more below, and click through to specific pages on each type if you wish.

Manual drip coffee makers can go anywhere with you

A manual drip coffee maker is considered one of the best types of drip coffee makers because you have unlimited control over the outcome of your coffee.

Manual Drip Coffee can be brewed nearly anywhere

Yes, the perfect cup of coffee can be had with this simple manual type coffee machine.

These manual coffee makers can be as simple as a cone type filter that is placed over a single cup, or a coffee serving pot. The key is:

A nice, well-flavored cup of coffee depends upon how hot your water is before you begin the process of manually brewing your coffee. The hotter the water (boiling) the more flavor you will extract from the coffee grounds.

Many people use a teakettle to heat up the water, first. But certainly, you can heat the water in a microwave using a glass container for your water.

Or if you are backpacking simply heating water with your camp stove will suffice nicely.

Using a slow, methodical pouring of the heated water into your filter insures that you probably will not overfill the manual drip maker, and you will find your coffee tastes better when you don’t rush it.

Then a simple stirring of the grounds and water in the filter allows the rich flavor to come through better than without stirring the grounds.

Speaking of grounds, to make a stronger cup of coffee, simply put more grounds into the filter before you pour in the hot water.

French press coffee makers are an intimate presentation of coffee well-done

I particularly enjoy the rich flavor that is the result of using a French press coffee maker. The coffee seems to have a “nuttier” flavor. I’ve been told that this is the truest flavor of coffee.

At the end of a meal, bringing out the French Press Pot can be a calming ritual that adds an elegant touch and helps to bring together all the efforts of your fabulous dinner.

How to make French Press Coffee

French press coffee maker is good looking in red

The French Press coffee maker has stylish good looks

The French press is similar to the drip method for making coffee, because the to begin, the water needs to be heated in a kettle or pan.

Using very coarsely ground coffee, place the grounds into the coffee press and then slowly pour the water over, into the carafe. Give it a light stir with a non-metal type of spoon or utensil.

Now, let the French press coffee maker work for at least 5 minutes undisturbed. All this time, your coffee is brewing to a mellow flavor that is unique to only French presses.

Ready? All brewed? Slowly press (not too hard) down on the plunger ... being certain that the filter is securely attached.

Press gently until the plunger reaches the bottom of the press pot. Leaving the plunger down at the bottom will screen out any coffee grounds as you pour your manually made cup of coffee.

The fine gauge filters that are typical with these type of coffee makers filter your coffee so fine that it is nearly sediment free.

One note on the temperature of the French Pressed coffee:

Unless you enjoy your coffee warm – not hot-hot - consider using an insulated French press coffee maker. I have found that the single walled presses make a wonderful cup of coffee, but unless you are going to drink the whole pot at once, the coffee cools down rapidly. Read more about French Press coffee making here ...

Having Fun With Coffee Percolators

The act of boiling water surging through a basket of ground coffee is the basic idea of the percolated cup of coffee.

manual coffee maker percolator coffee pot

Coffee Percolators are making a huge comeback

Many people like to use a percolator style of manual coffee makers because you can get a nice, strong cup of coffee from this type of manual coffee making.

The longer you allow your coffee to perk ... the stronger the results will be. Simple.

The coffee percolator is a bit different than both the manual drip coffee maker and the French press coffee maker.

The percolator heats the water up for you, so you do not need a separate kettle or pan for this task.

If you don’t finish the entire pot before it gets cold, it is easy to just re-heat again on the stove.

They are easy to take along on a camping trip, because they won’t require electricity. Read more about coffee percolators here ...

My Favorite ... The Moka Pot


Every home in Italy has a moka pot on their stove top.

Some people refer to the moka maker as a manual espresso maker, but really it makes a delicious, hot cup of well-flavored coffee, not espresso at all.

I prefer the taste of coffee brewed in the moka pot over traditional drip methods because the coffee has a creamier flavor without any bitterness to it at all.

Although I do not enjoy really strong coffee, I'm told that it is possible to brew espresso grade coffee in your moka pot and pack it full.

The result is a strong cup of coffee, not quite espresso strong, but rich and wonderful all the same.

Which is the best manual coffee maker?

If you enjoy a stronger, hotter cup of coffee, consider purchasing a percolator coffee maker, or maybe an inexpensive moka pot.

A percolator is very simple to use, as is the moka maker, and you will be very happy with the heavier bodied flavor that coffee brewed in these manual coffee makers will give you.

Both the manual drip coffee makers and the French press coffee making equipment will give you a great tasting cup of coffee time after time. Either of these types are what you are looking for if you enjoy a mellower cup of coffee. If you strive for a nuttier, truer tasting coffee, you will be happy selecting a French press coffee maker.

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