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Mr Coffee Grinder ... Tops All Other Blade Coffee Grinders

This Mr Coffee grinder has great new features and it outperforms other coffee bean grinders. See what's new in electric coffee grinders and SAVE on Mr Coffee coffee grinder here

You may think that all blade coffee grinders are alike or maybe even similar, right? Not so!

The new features in the Mr Coffee coffee grinder will save you time and grief over rancid oil build up.

Once you determine which setting you prefer for your grounds, you never have to set it again.

What's really cool though, is the this electric coffee grinder has a removable grounds chamber so you can keep your Mr Coffee coffee grinder clean and safe from rancid oils that can build up in other coffee bean grinders.

With the flexibility to clean it in your dishwasher, you will find yourself multi-tasking with this Mr Coffee grinder! Use it to chop fresh herbs and bring your home cooking to life.


                    Coffee Grinder in black available here from espresso-and-coffee-makers Mr
                    Coffee coffee grinder is available for you in simple
                    white to match any decor. Mr
                    Coffee Grinder is hot is red!

Choose your favorite color ... Sleek Black, Simple White or Fire Engine Red. All 3 colors have the same dependable features, including a safety cord with easy storage.

Mr Coffee electric coffee grinder offers 3 different settings, so it is flexible enough to use for espresso grind (fine) to French press which requires a coarser ground.

You can find other coffee grinders that have multiple grinding settings, but basically most of us only use a few, so why pay for features that you will not be using?

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I brought home this Mr Coffee coffee grinder because it was on sale.

But why I can recommend this coffee bean grinders, over the other electric coffee ...

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I can recommend the Mr Coffee grinder to anyone who is looking for a cheap coffee grinder that is fast and reliable.

I use mine everyday and I have ...

My New Mr Coffee Grinder   Not rated yet
I just received my new Mr Coffee coffee bean grinder yesterday, to replace my 5 year old model.

I can't believe how much NICER this new Mr Coffee grinder ...


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    Mr Coffee Grinder gets rave reviews over other blade coffee bean grinders.quoted text