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In mid-November 2011, this site was transferred to a new owner, the owner of, Kenneth J. Dickson.

I'm sorry at this moment I haven't written a special page for this entry, but I have a fairly full about page at PurelyCoffeeBeans Site! For the moment, that will have to do ... apart from my apologies to readers who find this page, and the former owners Betty & Chris Zeigler.

Founders of

Hello … my name is Chris Ziegler, and like you, I love coffee! You'll see my picture below! I realized while searching for the best coffee maker, drinking endless cups of tasty coffee, espressos and experimenting with different coffee beans …

and the equipment used in roasting, grinding and brewing that perfect cup of coffee … that it has become a real passion of mine over the years. Because I was not able find what I needed in one convenient place like this, the vision for this website was born in 2009-10.

I now have a strong desire to share, free of charge, the best coffee maker reviews along with tips and how to's for others, who don’t have the time or desire to bounce from site to site in search of information on coffee makers and espresso machines. Really, who has the time?

A community of coffee lovers

I encourage you to write your own reviews on the coffee making equipment you have used so that others can benefit from your insight and experiences. Simply find your coffee maker type and join in the conversation! Chris the best coffee maker.

With each new review added, from visitors just like you, we will soon have a complete and comprehensive guide on all the best coffee makers, espresso machines and related coffee must-haves. Together we can pay it forward and make this a strong community of like minded coffee enthusiasts.

Part of this website is devoted to how to make coffee, enhancing your coffee enjoyment about everything coffee. Because …we simply need to know how to select the proper coffee beans, how to get the best grind for the right type of coffee maker.

There is no reason why anyone cannot brew and sip a cup of coffee in the comfort of our own home without going out to the local coffee house. Yes, I still enjoy going out for coffee, but there is a real satisfaction and pleasure in knowing I can brew up a great tasting pot of coffee myself, or pull an espresso with crema and share the moment with friends and family.

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    At we're committed to helping you not only learn about making the best cup of java you have ever tasted, but we want to welcome you as a vital participant in this site.

    Simply let us know how we can help you find your way around and if there is anything you need please let us know.

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