Top 10 Types of Coffee Makers

Which of these most popular types of coffee makers are right for your needs? Simple coffee machine type comparison for selecting the coffee machine that will fit your budget and your lifestyle …

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What are the different types of coffee making machines?

The most common type of machine for making coffee, for both home and commercial use, is the automatic drip coffee-maker.

Automatic drip coffee machines

automatic drip coffee makers come in great colors!Automatic Drip Coffee Machines are the most popular coffee makers

These drip machines begin the coffee brewing process by pumping the water through a heating element, and then slowly dripping the heated water over a basket of ground coffee.

There are many popular types of drip machines, ranging from under $30 to well over $100.

Manual coffee makers

These may include the French Press type of coffee equipment, Moka pots, stove top percolators and even vacuum coffee pots.manual coffee makers can be fun to use.

Stove top peculators are as in demand as they were when our parents used them.

When discussing a manual type of coffee machine, this infers that you will not need to plug it into an electrical outlet.

Manual type coffee pots are simple and produce a great tasting coffee.

You will find that some manual coffee making equipment will cook right on your stove top. Then others, such as the French press type requires that you heat the water before adding it to the pot.

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French drip coffee

Typically found in the Southern states, a French drip coffee pot is traditionally a teardrop shaped coffee pot.

French drip coffee makerFrench Drip Type Makers are sometimes as elegant as this one.

This type of manual coffee pot can use regular ground coffee, as compared to the French press style which coarse grounds are recommended.

French drip coffee is the perfect type of coffee pot for small, intimate luncheons.

Some of the most beautiful designs can be found with the porcelain models, and since they do not have a heating element, they fit nicely in with your table decor.

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French press coffee

One of my favorite ways to brew coffee is with a French press.

French Press Makers brew up a wonderful tasting coffee for you.

I feel you receive the full, natural flavor of the coffee bean by pressing your coffee in this manor.

The biggest drawback is that the coffee does not remain hot for long. A double walled French press pot does avert some of the heat loss, but if you like your coffee “McDonald’s” hot … this is not for you.

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Single cup coffee machines

There are many types of single serve coffee machines available.

single cup coffee machine

Single Cup Coffee Machinesmay use either pre-filled capsules or ground coffee

The most popular machines use pods, a type of coffee-filled packet, but you can find single cup coffee machines that use whole coffee beans, too.

Single serve coffee machines mean just that … they will make one cup at a time.

This is ideal if you prefer a different flavor or strength of coffee than the ones with whom you share your machine.

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Vacuum coffee making

Using a vacuum type coffee making equipment will produce a coffee that is pure and without any of the noticeable

vacuum coffee makerVacuum Coffee Making is something you rarely find, except with the true coffee connoisseur now days.

sediment that you may find in drip coffee.

Many tasters feel that coffee from a vacuum type of maker is noticeably weaker in strength, this is primarily due to the fact that vacuum brewed coffee is much more a pure cup of java.

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Coffee percolators

You can find both stove top percolators and electric (plug in type) percolators readily available.

percolator coffee potCoffee percolators make a stronger flavored coffee.

Stove top type percolators are perfect for your RV and camping in general.

These manual coffee pots require very little space, and produce a very flavorful cup of coffee.

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Under counter coffee machines

This is also known a space saver coffee maker. You will find these types of machines available with programmable features and a thermal pot is available from some manufacturers.

under counter coffee makers are space savers.Space Saver Coffee machinesoffer full flavored coffee in tight spaces.

Some styles will allow you to grab a quick cup without removing the entire carafe with an underside serving nozzle, so your coffee can finish brewing as intended.

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Coffee maker with grinder

Many people like the convenience of having just one appliance to do both jobs:

  • Grinding the coffee beans
  • And brewing the coffee

Automatic drip machines are the more common type of these combination machines today.

coffee maker with grinder from Capresso is an ideal coffee making machine.Grind and Brew Machinescome with an array of features.

But, you can find complete coffee centers, like the ones from Jura, that will not only grind your beans to perfection, but brew up a cup of espresso, cappuccino or a regular cup of coffee with the push of a button.

From simple functions to more elaborate programmable features, you will find the convenience of a maker with a grinder built in grinder to make a fresher cup of coffee every time.

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Built in coffee maker

There is nothing more extravagant than having a built in coffee maker right in your home kitchen!

Extravagant or not, the convenience of an entire coffee center is a real time saver, not to mention a counter space saver, too. You will need to find the appropriate cabinet space to accommodate your new machine.

this built in coffee maker center has it all.

Spoil yourself with a built in coffee center

Many people find it most likely will offset any cabinetry that they would have stored their appliances in anyway. So this is not really an issue.

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