What You Want To Know About The Melitta Espresso Machine

Is the Melitta espresso machine, pod coffee maker as good as other single cup coffee makers? Read reviews of the Melita line of espresso machines and find out if this is the one cup coffee machine that is right for you.

Sometimes all you need is one cup.  And other times that one cup turns into three or four.  When you want a simple, affordable pod coffee maker that will deliver delicious beverages time and time again, the Melitta MES2R One:One is just the thing.

Melitta MES2B One:One Single Serve Coffee maker

Priced right to suit any budget and able to produce consistently good coffee with minimal fuss, this is a must have small kitchen appliance for every home.

About The Melitta MES2R Espresso Maker

This particular Melitta espresso machine is ultra popular and for good reason. From its simple design to the attractive appearance and dependable quality, this model stands above the crowd of single cup coffee makers on the market.

Elegant and Sharp Design

The Melitta MES2R comes in three colors with contemporary appeal, including black, white and red. Choose one that suits your kitchen décor and don’t be afraid to leave this pod coffee maker on the counter – with an appealing and sleek design it will only compliment your home and lifestyle.

Not just nice to look at, this Melitta espresso machine also boasts a 2.2 bar pump that helps to produce café style beverages with ease. Use any type of pod with this system, although the Java brand works the best and others may need a bit of encouragement to fit snugly.

Shaped with an elegant curved top, this model brews your beverage right into the mug for easy, fast coffee satisfaction. You have the option to brew an 8 oz.. American style espresso beverage or a 5 oz.. European style cup. The tank has a 28 ounce capacity, allowing you to brew between four and five beverages consecutively without the need to refill with water.

Whatever Your Tastes Demand

Tea is also on the menu with this pod coffee maker, although the hot water passes through quickly so it will generally produce a weaker cup of tea than with traditional steeping. There is a six-pack of pods included with the machine, providing you with a good sampling right out of the box. Pods are inexpensive and produce excellent beverages in just the right strength with a wide variety of flavors available.

Single cup coffee makers are often made with only efficiency in mind, the goal of delivering a quick cup of coffee taking precedent over flavor. This Melitta espresso machine goes well beyond that standard, producing a quick cup of your favorite hot beverage that is chock full of flavor. It is a beautiful addition to your kitchen décor that sacrifices nothing in terms of quality and is easy on your wallet. Overall and for anyone, this coffee maker is an excellent combination.

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