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Zojirushi Coffee Maker Review

You will find the Zojirushi coffee maker, and the Zojirushi brand in general, in homes worldwide ... because Zojirushi has a solid reputation for creating quality, cutting edge products for over 90 years now.

              coffee maker review zojirushi fresh brew coffee maker

Zojirushi 10 cup coffee maker Coffee Maker

10 cup and 5 cup coffee makers

Everyone tells us they make 2 outstanding coffee makers.

This is most likely because the origins of the Zojirushi company goes back to the glass-lined vacuum bottle.

So who do you think has a better knowledge base about thermal coffee makers than Zojirushi?

Zojirushi coffee maker reviews

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Zojirushi Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker  starstarstarstarstar
I think the Zojirushi thermal carafe coffee maker is better insulated than the last coffee maker I owned.

The coffee stays really hot all day, (or at ...

Both the Fresh Brew 10 cup coffee maker, and the 5 cup Zutto coffee maker are outstanding coffee machines. Most people who have used either of the Zojirushi coffee makers agree on these points:

Zojirushi Zutto® Coffee Maker

The smaller of the coffee machines made by Zojirushi, the Zutto® is compact and dependable. This Zojirushi coffee maker is a perfect size coffee maker for the RV or dorm room.

              coffee maker by Zojirushi, the best 5 cup coffee maker.

Zutto 5 Cup Coffee Maker

This nice-sized coffee maker makes up to 5 cups of coffee, dripped into a glass carafe per brewing cycle.

This is a great coffee machine if you only have a few coups at a time, as you can always brew a second or third pot.

The coffee will be fresher, because you don’t have a large amount of coffee cooking on a burner for hours.

More information about the Zutto coffee maker here …

Zojirushi Fresh Brew 10 cup Drip Coffee Maker

Unlike other coffee makers with a burner that quickly bitters the taste of coffee, the Zojirushi Fresh Brew automatic drip coffee maker comes with a stainless steel thermal carafe.

This is important to note, because a thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours … without altering the taste. This Zojirushi coffee maker also features an electric timer clock so that you can set the coffee to brew … before your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Another benefit built into the Fresh Brew ® that is great to have with any automatic drip coffee maker is the pause and serve feature. Sometimes it is hard to wait for that first cup.

The easy to read LED clock and timer is located so that you can read it without any fuss. And this model comes with a detachable filter basket that makes cleaning a breeze.

Reviewers at noted that the coffee brewed in the Fresh Brew ® by Zojirushi was hotter than other coffee makers they had used, and the carafe poured without dribbling on the counter. One reviewer remarked:

"I chose the Zojirushi EC-BD 15 after reading online reviews. Finally, I've found the coffee maker of my dreams!"

Read more about the best thermal coffee maker here ...

You can have fun making coffee, in 3 simple steps:

As long as the coffee maker you choose to use is not complicated (the Zojirushi coffee makers are super simple to use), you will be able to enjoy your coffee and be able to treat your guests to cup of happiness, too.

Zojirushi makes only these 2 models, as compared to other coffee machine manufacturers. The reason is ... they just get it right.

I must admit that I am a real fan of Zojirushi appliances. I have found that the Zojirushi brand means well built, quality and lasting value.

espresso-and-coffee-makers is known for best prices on this Zojirushi coffee maker, the best thermal coffee maker you wil find.
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